Let’s Get to Work With Professional Work Space at Prices Working People Can Actually Afford.

Do you work from home? Do you need a chance to get out of the house? Are you tired of your only co-worker being your cat?

Geeksboro is now proud to offer our brand-new Office Share program! 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, our comfortable and spacious event space will be reserved for YOU to work and maybe meet some other freelancers, commuters, and students who are looking for a place to get their work done in a quiet, pleasant, yet professional atmosphere.

Our Monthly Membership includes:
-High-speed wifi
-High Quality Printer Access*
-Complimentary coffee, water, and hot water
-10% discount on food/drinks from Geeksboro Battle Pub
-Reservation Access to our Group Conference Table
-An invitation to our monthly Office Share mixer (with free beer!)
-And most importantly, a quiet, furnished environment conducive to people who need a place to work.

Make our space your space, and get your work done!


-19.99 Introductory Month offer, plus $29.99 each additional month.
-Save 10% with an annual billing.
-Day passes are available for $5 per day.


-To preserve the quiet and ambiance needed for productivity, no small children are allowed. Proper childcare must be arranged for all parents prior to entering the Office Share space.
-Monthly members who bring their own food and beverages to the work space must not take it into the bar/cafe area of Geeksboro Battle Pub.
-Because this is a work space, digital and board gaming are not allowed during office share times without permission from staff.
-All non-members must purchase a day pass in order to enter the Office Share space. For any reason. At any time. No exceptions.
-Members are not permitted to play music or streaming video on their computers without the use of headphones.
-Members are discouraged from being disruptive or from constantly interrupting other members who are attempting to do their work.

For registration and other info, click here.

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