'Find Senpai! Be Senpai!' This February, Anime fans can bring their special sweetheart (or perhaps find their special sweetheart) by attending Geeksboro's Anime Lovers' Ball! This is a social dance party event that will feature live DJ sets, an Anime Cosplay contest, J-pop/K-pop Karaoke, a Dragonball FighterZ tournament, a Project DIVA tournament, and most importantly, the opportunity to write 'Senpai' Confessions, romantic notes which will be shared anonymously in the hopes that the special someone in the audience notices you.

This event is for attendees 21 & up, and a formal, semi-formal and/or cosplay dress code will be enforced. So dress up in your finest cosplay or formalwear, and look your very best in the search for true love.

Early Bird Tickets are $18, and include FREE SUSHI! Free sushi?!? Did we really say that? Oh yes we did! FREE SUSHI!!!!!