With ticket pre-sales higher than any superhero movie to date, MarvelStudios' Black Panther could very well be one of the highest grossing movies of all time. Part of the film's pre-release hype is the cultural significance the film carries as the first MAJOR BUDGETED major studio superhero blockbuster film featuring an all black cast and a black director at the helm.

So before the film is released, Geeksboro will be hosting a FREE PUBLIC PANEL DISCUSSION to explore the importance of minority representation in pop culture and the sea change that Black Panther represents not only for comic book movies but mainstream filmmaking in general.

The panel will be moderated by avid comics reader and podcasterMichael Reavis and will feature guest panelists that include sci-fi writerNicole Kurtz, professional cosplayer Eddie Newsome, and writer Tisha Currie.

Admission is free to the public. Plus we will be raffling some black panther prizes, including FREE TICKETS to the film!

P.S. we will also be hosting a SPOILER FILLED, NO-HOLD'S BARRED, MOVIE REACTION PANEL on February 24th!