Being a locally owned and operated business, Geeksboro Battle Pub feels a deep level of responsibility towards the Greensboro community. It is for that reason that we recently cancelled a live appearance event featuring one of the stars of the cult TV series "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" scheduled to occur in our event space on Tuesday, September 25th. 

We had booked this event through a third party late Thursday afternoon, and truth be told, while many people hold this against me, I am not a fan of Buffy. And it's because of this that I honestly failed to fully vet the actor involved in this appearance, and was wholly unaware of that in 2017, he pleaded guilty to domestic violence. We want to thank the customers who reached out to us directly to make us aware of this issue, and who also shared their own horror stories involving personal interactions with this performer at conventions, fan events, and general meet and greets which occurred throughout the country. As many people noted, this is not in tune with our values.

For the Buffy fans out there who were excited about this event, we apologize for the disappointment you must feel. We hope to one day be able to host an event that will properly and fully contextualize the fandom of this series even if it is not a fandom that I enjoy myself. We also understand that despite similar community warnings, the event has been rescheduled to occur at a Raleigh-owned Bar and Arcade located in Downtown Greensboro.

Domestic Violence is a serious issue which affects women, men, and children. That is why on Tuesday, September 25 (the date the original event was supposed to take place), we will donate 5% of all sales to Clara House Shelter, a local resource devoted to helping victims of domestic violence in Greensboro, NC.

Joe Scott,
Co-Owner/Creative Director
Geeksboro Battle Pub