A New Co-Owner Takes Control of Geeksboro


A new co-owner will be taking control of Geeksboro's bar as the company rebrands and expands its operations at its new location on 2618 Lawndale Drive at Kirkwood Commons.

Greensboro native Stephen Maloy will utilize his 12 years of work in the food and beverage industry as he helps co-owner and founder Joe Scott lead the company in a new direction.


A graduate of Northwest Guilford High School, Maloy attended UNCG, where he first met Scott, who was his RA.


“A lot of the events and programming that we do at Geeksboro derrived from the events and programming I hosted while working as an RA,” Scott says. “When I first met Stephen, I thought he was a bit of a troublemaker -- albeit in a good way -- with a strong curiosity for culture, art and ideas.”


During college, Maloy got the opportunity to study abroad, living in Manchester, England for nearly two years, where he worked in a bar and hosted a weekly pub quiz that focused on TV, movies and music.

Upon returning to the United States, Maloy worked at the former Greensboro location of Wolfgang Puck, where he started as server and moved quickly to bartender and keyholder until Wolfgang’s brother, Klaus Puck, promoted him to an Assistant General Manager position at their Charlotte restaurant.

Maloy views his chance to return to his hometown and take Geeksboro -- renamed Geeksboro Battle Pub -- in a new direction as a chance to work on things he is passionate about.

“The retooling and Geeksboro gives me the opportunity to take all that I have learned and combine it with what I love in life -- movies, TV and gaming,” Maloy says. “I’m excited about getting started and working to make the new Geeksboro a fun and inviting restaurant and workplace.”

A fan of David Lynch, “Game of Thrones,” “Rick and Morty,” “The Twilight Zone” and ‘90s-era episodes of “The Simpsons,” Maloy is also a fan of Iced Coffee, craft beer and signature cocktail drinks, which he hopes will delight both the stalwarts and the newcomers of Geeksboro’s ever-growing community of fans.

"I love a peaty Scotch and a smooth Bourbon, but I really want Greensboro to start drinking Mezcal,” Maloy says. “Looking to grind my hunter class on ‘Destiny’ and meet fellow diehards of the ‘Fallout’ and ‘Bioshock’ series as well.

Maloy and Scott are planning a soft opening for Geeksboro Battle Pub on early July, with a Grand Opening date tentatively scheduled for July 20th. Geeksboro is also hiring employees to work both Front of House and Back of House. For more information, email Maloy at samaloy25@gmail.com.

For more information, visit Geeksboro’s website at www.geeksboro.com or www.facebook.com/geeksboro.

Geeksboro set to Expand its Vision and Services at New Location

GKSO Battle Pub.jpg

This summer, Geeksboro will move to a new location at 2618 Lawndale Drive in the Kirkwood Commons shopping center across from both Target and Harris Teeter.

After operating within its current location for nearly six years, the beloved company and community staple will make a transition both in location and in spirit to become Geeksboro Battle Pub -- a video game sports bar that will continue to offer coffee, beer, wine, milkshakes, smoothies, and custom made sodas along with cocktails and a full service kitchen that will serve breakfast and pub food daily for both omnivores and vegans alike.

The new move gives Geeksboro founder Joe Scott the opportunity to collaborate with many of his colleagues who operate locally owned businesses in Greensboro.

Nick Benshoff of Bandito Bodega (1609 W. Friendly Ave)  will collaborate with Scott to create an exciting, flavorful menu of innovative pub food.

Daniel McMillan of Lost Ark Video Games (1701 Spring Garden St. A) will curate a mini museum of fan favorite vintage pinball machines and arcade cabinets that will be available to the public.

And Stephen Mayer of Ssalefish Comics Greensboro (1622 Stanley Rd. Suite 118) will stock a spinner rack of brand new comic books so that patrons can sample new and widely different stories for free while enjoying delicious food and beverages.

“It was always my intention to expand into food service, but the cost of adding a commercial kitchen to my current space combined with an increasingly dire parking situation made moving to this new location the clear choice for me in terms of moving Geeksboro and its vision forward,” Scott says.

He adds: “And while moving can certainly be a challenge, the opportunity to take aspects of so many of my favorite local businesses makes this move all the more exciting.”

Less than a mile from its original spot, the new, larger facility will enable the slightly rebranded Geeksboro Battle Pub to both enhance and expand its creative vision of inclusive, community engagement by continuing to offer patrons a place to play video games and trivia and watch cult classic films and TV series as a community of fans.

Additionally, the new digs will house The Kaiju Complex, a large 200 person event center and auditorium space that will serve as the venue for weekly live comedy shows by The Idiot Box as well as regional eSports video game tournaments, live music shows, themed cosplay parties, massive board game nights as well as big-screen presentation of major sporting events like the Fifa World Cup. The space will also be available to rent for private, corporate, and ticketed events including weddings, concerts, recitals, fashion shows and more.

“As a longtime event promoter, I can tell you that finding affordable venues in this town has always been a challenge,” Scott says. “That’s something I aim to alleviate immediately.”

But most importantly, with a large, widely available parking lot surrounding its campus, Geeksboro will be able to resurrect its once beloved Lawnchair Drive-In series of outdoor film screenings on Saturday nights. Scott believes the return of the outdoor film series will be a great way to engage the many families who live nearby in the closely knit Kirkwood Neighborhood.

Geeksboro will continue to operate out of its current location on 2134 Lawndale Drive until it completes its move, which is scheduled for late May or early June.