Geeksboro Warms Up The Holidays with 'A Season IRL'

Geeksboro Warms Up The Holidays with 'A Season IRL'


This holiday season, Geeksboro Battle Pub will celebrate the holidays with spirited fundraiser collaborations with other local businesses as well as programming for kids, families and adults alike.

Geeksboro will present ‘A Season IRL’ at Battle Pub, a series of holiday-themed events designed to get people to ditch the screens of their computers and smartphones in favor of enjoying the holidays with other people In Real Life (IRL).

“We’re spending more and more time looking at screens and less time socializing with others face to face,” says Joe Scott, co-owner and Creative Director of Geeksboro Battle Pub. “We wanted to give folks an opportunity to reclaim some of the warmth and human connection that some of us might have lost in the digital age.”

The series of events will kick off with a Friendsgiving community potluck on Thanksgiving Day. Other highlights will include a Gingerbread House Party on December 2, an all night long premiere tournament for “Super Smash Bros Ultimate” on December 7, a community Secret Santa gift exchange screening of “Christmas at Pee Wee’s Playhouse” on December 15 and a breakfast cereal screening of “Elf” and interactive screening of ‘“Die Hard” December 22.

But most importantly, Geeksboro Battle Pub will be partnering with local businesses Ssalefish Comics and Crooked Tail Cat Cafe to raise money to help great causes.

First up, Geeksboro will be collaborating with Ssalefish Comics in both Greensboro and Winston Salem to host the Comics for Kids Sale on December 9. The sale will feature $1 comic books donated by regional collectors, where 100% of the proceeds will be used to purchase brand new, all-ages-appropriate comics for elementary school children attending Title One schools in Guilford, Forsyth and Davidson counties.

Geeksboro will also partner with Crooked Tail Cat Cafe to host a ‘Meow-y Cats-mas’ edition of Totally Rad Trivia to raise money for food and cleaning supplies for the cats who reside in Crooked Tail’s non-profit rescue program.

The following is a listing of events, including times, dates and descriptions. Geeksboro Battle Pub is located on 2618 Lawndale Drive at Kirkwood Commons behind Miller Vision and across the street from the Target Shopping Center.


1 p.m. Thursday, November 22 - Friendsgiving Community Potluck - Whether you live too far from your family or simply need an alternative way to celebrate the holiday, Geeksboro Battle Pub will open its doors for a community potluck style ‘Friendsgiving Dinner.’ We will be prepping entrees and sides while encouraging folks to bring their own to share. Iced Tea and Lemonade will be provided. The only things guests would have to buy are beer, wine and cocktails. Doors open at 12 p.m. Free entry.

totally rad pie & trivia.jpg

7:30 p.m. Thursday, November 22 - Totally Rad Pie and Trivia - It’s Greensboro’s best and most beloved game of bar trivia -- Thanksgiving style. Our bar will be open and our kitchen will be closed, but we invite folks to bring any extra or leftover pies they want to share as we tackle hilarious questions and categories with our community of fans. $3 buy-in! Up to six-player-teams! Winners get a cash prize!

45241724_1799504503480202_1840667311975956480_n (2).jpg

3 p.m. Sunday, December 2 - Gingerbread House Party - Join in the joy of building your very own gingerbread house together with friends, family, and our COMMUNITY OF FANS! Our Gingerbread kits are $20 and include: a Pre-built Gingerbread House, Candy, Frosting, and Decorations. Also includes a fresh baked gingerbread man that can be decorated and/or eaten during the event! We will take pictures of each house and post them online. The house with the MOST LIKES wins Free Coffee & Soda for a Year!


7 p.m. Friday, December 7th - Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Smash ‘Til Dawn - It’s an ALL NIGHT SMASH-A-THON! We will celebrate the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate with an overnight tournament to celebrate this brand new game in the legendary fighting game series for Nintendo Switch. $15 entry fee. Cash prizes! And the players who stay up all night long get free biscuits and gravy on Saturday morning.


1-6 p.m. Sunday, December 9 - Comics for Kids Sale - Ssalefish Comics and Geeksboro will be teaming up for a special Pop-Up Sale of $1 comics donated by regional collectors! 100% of all proceeds will be used to purchase brand new, all ages appropriate comic books for local kids in need as part of the Kids Read Comics Initiative. To donate any unwanted comics, collectors are invited to drop them off at Geeksboro Battle Pub, Ssalefish Comics Greensboro (1622 Stanley Road in Greensboro) or the original Ssalefish Comics in Winston-Salem (3232 Silas Creek Road in Winston-Salem). All donations are tax deductible.


7 p.m. Saturday, December 15 - Secret Santa Screening of “Christmas at Pee Wee’s Playhouse” - Bring a strange, kitchy, funny or downright bizarre new or lightly used gift (it must be all ages appropriate) and join us for our annual Secret Santa screening of the “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” Christmas special. Every time Pee Wee Herman says ‘the magic word,’ the audience exchanges gifts. At the end of the screening, the audience unboxes their presents together. Featuring bonus retro commercials. Admission is a $2 donation to the Kids Read Comics Initiative.

7:30 p.m. Thursday, December 20 - Meow-y Cats-Mas Totally Rad Trivia - Geeksboro is teaming up with local cafe Crooked Tail Cat Cafe for a special cat and holiday themed edition of Totally Rad Trivia! The winning team will get an AWESOME PRIZE PACK! $5 entry fee! Up to six-player-teams! And 100% of all proceeds will go towards buying food and supplies for Crooked Tail’s cat rescue program.


11 a.m. Saturday, December 22 - Breakfast Cereal Screening: “Elf” - It’s a sugar-packed celebration of the sweetest Christmas movie ever made, and it’s also part of this complete breakfast! We’re hosting a 15th Anniversary screening of the Will Ferrell holiday movie “Elf”! Best of all, a $5 ticket includes a BOTTOMLESS BOWL OF SUGAR CEREAL!

45152546_1799520093478643_4592438457497812992_n (2).jpg

7:30 p.m. Saturday, December 22 - “Die Hard” is Totally a Christmas Movie - Is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie? Yippie-Ki-Yeah it is! So join us for this special interactive 30th Anniversary presentation of “Die Hard.” $7 ticket includes the following props: a cap gun to help John McClane shoot the bad guys, a cigarette lighter for you to light every time actor Bruce Willis lights up his (which happens a lot), and a special Twinkie to enjoy with Reginald Vel Johnson. Tickets are EXTREMELY LIMITED so buy yours today!

9 p.m. Monday, December 31st - 90s New Year’s Eve feat. ‘Smashing Pumpkins’ and ‘Green Day’ Tributes - Greensboro based rock band Lebaron will headline a special, live New Year’s Eve set as their Smashing Pumpkins tribute act Rocket as they power through some of the legendary rock quartets greatest songs. Featuring an opening performance by Green Day tribute act Totally Slow. Tickets are $10 each.

Bad Sports?

Bad Sports?

45702474_1808708495893136_2738799566898855936_n (2).jpg

When we announced our very recent move to our new location, we communicated from the jump that with an expanded facility, it would be our goal to expand our vision in terms of community programming, and that part of that expansion would include sporting events.

There were a lot of folks who jived with this idea -- they were looking for a safe, inclusive spot where they could enjoy delicious foods, an expanded menu of adult beverages and occasional sporting events along with board games, film screenings, cult TV series and other legacy content that we have hosted in the past.

Naturally, there were also some people who hated this idea. And full disclosure, some of those people have been rather vocal about their discontent via social media:

“Nobody needs an inclusive place to get beer buckets and watch football.”

“Now you’re looking to compete with every other sports bar out there, and not making it close.”

“There’s a full bar with a huge tv showing a football game- if I wanted that, I’d go to any of the other dozens of sports bars in town. “

“I don't know that I like that you guys have decided to host sporting events now.

I understand that people like sports, and should be able to get together to cheer on their favorite teams...and I'm sure it helps business-wise.

But there are plenty of other bars and restaurants for me, Geeksboro has always been a one-of-a-kind place to escape from the hullabaloo, and celebrate your geeky side.

I for one definitely won't be coming whenever I see you hosting any sporting event.”

We certainly understand need to feel protective of a haven or place where typically excluded people might feel accepted. And we want to assure people that regardless of our iteration or location, Geeksboro will always be a place that champions the excluded over the gatekeepers.

But what happens when enough excluded people get together and become gatekeepers in their own way? When the excluded become the exclusive?

This was a phenomenon I encountered when we first opened in 2012, and nerd culture was being redefined by women who were publicly embracing sci-fi, horror, fantasy, comics and video games. Writing about this now seems odd, considering how accepted it has become. But at the time, there were some men in the nerd community who felt resentful of this change. Invaded, even. They claimed these women weren’t real nerds and hit them with the slur ‘Fake Geek Girls.’

Almost immediately, we made it our goal to counter this anti female nerd sentiment by hosting Geek Girl Rising, a mini convention that showcased female artists and creators, including Hope Larson and a then undiscovered Erica Henderson as well as female nerd rock duo The Doubleclicks. It was a powerful moment that fulfilled our mission of inclusivity.

As for this ‘geeks hate sports’ sentiment, I want everyone to know that we get it. There are lots of geeks, myself included, who aren’t sports fans. I could not give you the names of more than two current professional football quarterbacks if my life depended on it.

Additionally, I am well aware of the fact that there are lots of nerds who, at some point in their adolescence, were bullied or teased by sports fans, or jocks. I know this, because it certainly happened to me. A group of kids from my high school soccer team used to mock me relentlessly because I expressed my love of anime at the time by bringing a pink Sailor Moon lunchbox to school every day.

“Flamer,” they called me as if it were an insult to be gay.

I could have let this juvenile conflict to create a chip on my shoulder a la Dr. Doom. Fortunately, I am able to realize that most soccer fans aren’t like the ones who tried to bother me in high school. In fact, I would wager that most of those soccer fans who did try to bother me in high school are no longer the same people.

Most importantly, I know that being mad at all sports fans today would not retroactively protect that high school version of myself who brought a pink lunchbox to school. He doesn’t need to be protected. He took his lumps and is a better, more empathetic person because of it.

Because of the empathy I got from the sting of being singled out or targeted because of who I am and what I enjoy, the very last thing I would ever want to be is someone who would inflict that pain onto other people.

So when a group of soccer fans requested that we host Premier League Soccer matches on Saturday and Sunday mornings, it was easy to say yes. It fulfilled our mission statement of being a safe, inclusive space where people can share the things they love with a community of fans. It was also a good use of our dining room and bar area during times of the week when we are typically slow. Additionally, at no point was the option to play these soccer matches in our bar a Sophie’s Choice made at the expense of our traditional programming.

With Geeksboro, I want everyone to feel welcome. In the early phase of our business, we made a conscious choice to avoid sports programming quite simply because we lacked the space to do so. But now that we have additional space, we can use it as an opportunity to invite more people to our party. And I think we’re a better community because of it.

Now on Sundays, someone who spends all day at our business can watch an English soccer match, listen to a live jazz performance, play video games or board games and then cap off the day by watching a new episode of Doctor Who or The Walking Dead in our event space. Best of all, they can do these things while enjoying delicious beverages and hearty, innovative foods for both omnivores and vegans alike. That’s a pretty full use of one’s day, I would say.

And if at anytime of the day, there is programming you might not particularly enjoy, our space will almost always give you somewhere else to go in order to get away from it.

We will always want Geeksboro to be a place that welcomes all people, unless of course those people make others feel unwelcome. And until we are forced to close our doors for good, our goal is to always live up to our original motto: “You Belong Here.”

Lastly, to those who feel like Geeksboro does not host enough nerdy events, we want assure you that we are currently hard at work adding new events and programming to our schedule every day. In the meantime, here’s what we’ve got coming up in the next few months:


If you can look at this list and still believe that we do not cater to geek culture, I am not so sure that any business can really help you.

Our Time is Now, Here in the Morning of Your Life -- NOW VOTE!

Our Time is Now, Here in the Morning of Your Life -- NOW VOTE!

 Geeksboro Co-Owner and Creative Director Joe Scott, at his designated polling places on Election Day in 2008, 2012, and 2016.

Geeksboro Co-Owner and Creative Director Joe Scott, at his designated polling places on Election Day in 2008, 2012, and 2016.

NOTE: The following is an open letter to young North Carolinians who have yet to vote in the 2018 Midterm Election.

Dear Young North Carolinian:

I write this message to you as a person who has recently accepted the following truth -- comparatively, I’m pretty old. I’m 38 in fact. That’s three years removed from the 18-35 demographic, the most targeted age group for people who create music, movies, TV series, video games and pretty much anything else that is fun or good.

But with that said, if you still haven’t voted in the 2018 election, I want you to know that I understand.  In fact, I get you. It’s perfectly fine that you did not take advantage of early voting. I have never once early voted in my entire life.

While many so-called experts say that young people who don’t vote early will likely not vote at all, I am encouraging you to boldly, assuredly and yes, definitely prove them wrong. I make this plea because I believe North Carolina will be a better state if its young people are engaged and participating in its democratic process.

The world is literally choking right now, begging its young new voters, like you -- the people who will actually have to live in this place after all the racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic and worst of all, planet hating old people are dead and gone -- to take charge and make their voices be heard.

Let’s be clear, statistically speaking, the majority of old people hold the views I just mentioned. But one thing that they have in in their favor is that they show up to the polls and vote. If your voices aren’t there to match, compete, and hopefully best theirs, it doesn’t matter how strongly you protest their opinions via social media. They are always going to win by default.

In most of the choices posed by our local ballot, you are lucky to get more than two choices, and I can understand if all of them might seem unappealing to varying degrees. It’s unfortunate that we really don’t have a candidate who is massively inspiring or tuned in on engaging young voters on pretty much any of the races here in Guilford County.  This is a problem we need to work together in order to improve. I truly want our nation to grow beyond a two-party system and find a way to allow more than two differing points of view to shape and determine the course of our state and federal governments. I hope this so that we can be enriched by a wide variety of opinions.

But the truth is our election system will not improve if you simply choose to walk away from it. In fact, it will only get worse. So vote. Vote knowing it might not lead to a significant change in the immediate sense, but hopefully as you continue to vote, it will lead to greater, positive changes in the long term.

I ask you this as someone who makes it a point to listen to you. I ask you this as someone who believes you have the vision and the power to make our world great. I ask you this because I have a two-year-old daughter, and feel this is my best chance of ensuring she grows up in a better world than the one I had when growing up.

Joe Scott

P.S. For those who continue to say voting doesn't matter, if that were really true, why has one particular party made it their goal to legally make voting difficult for people to do as possible?

P.P.S. If you are 30 or younger and make it a point to vote tomorrow, I will totally give you a FREE TACO! Click here for more information!

PRESS RELEASE: Ssalefish Comics &amp; Geeksboro Seek Donations for 'Comics for Kids' Sale

PRESS RELEASE: Ssalefish Comics & Geeksboro Seek Donations for 'Comics for Kids' Sale


Ssalefish Comics and Geeksboro Battle Pub are calling on comic book collectors across the Triad to step up and become real life heroes for local kids in need.

Both companies are joining forces to host Comics for Kids, a donation drive where fans and collectors alike can donate comic books, which will then be sold for $1 each at a special event on December 9.

Click here for event info.

100% of all proceeds from the sale will be used to purchase brand new, all ages appropriate comic books for children attending Title One elementary schools across the Triad.

Title One is a designation given to public schools wherein more than half of the student population receives free or reduced price lunch.

Comics for Kids is part of the Kids Read Comics Initiative, an organization founded by Ssalefish and Geeksboro. For their inaugural campaign in 2018, they raised enough money to donate more than 2,000 bags of comics to kids in Guilford, Forsyth and Davidson Counties.

For this year’s campaign, Ssalefish and Geeksboro aim to raise enough money to double the amount of comics given to kids to 4,000.

“It’s amazing to turn an elementary school into a Hall of Justice or comic convention for the day, especially when these children might not have the means or flexibility to go to a convention with their families or friends,” says Stephen Mayer, co-owner of Ssalefish Comics Greensboro.

Collectors are encouraged to donate any comic books they no longer need or have the room for to Geeksboro Battle Pub, the original Ssalefish Comics (3232 Silas Creek Parkway, Winston-Salem) or Ssalefish Greensboro (1622 Stanley Road, Greensboro). Because these comics will be used to aid North Carolina Public Schools, all donations are tax deductible.

All comics will then be processed and sorted by volunteers and sold for $1 each at the Comics For Kids Mini-Con from 1 to 7 p.m. Sunday, December 9 in the event space located at Geeksboro Battle Pub. 100% of the proceeds from these comic book sales will be used to purchase brand new comics for children.

Aside from steeply discounted comic book books that will be sold for charity, this mini comic book convention will feature artists, vendors and more.

Geeksboro Battle Pub is located on 2618 Lawndale Drive in Greensboro, across the street from the Target Shopping Center.

For questions or additional information, email Joe Scott at

PRESS RELEASE: Battle Pub Hopes to Get Out the Vote -- With Tacos

PRESS RELEASE: Battle Pub Hopes to Get Out the Vote -- With Tacos

On Tuesday, November 6, Geeksboro Battle Pub hopes to encourage young voters to show up to the polls by giving them free tacos.

Battle Pub will host Vote 4 Tacos, a voting drive aimed at eligible voters, ages 18 to 30. This daylong event will encourage young voters to show up to cast a ballot, by giving them a free Taco of their choice at any point in the day on November 6th.

“As a voting demographic, young people are seriously underrepresented in terms of turnout,” says Joe Scott, co-owner and creative director of Geeksboro Battle Pub. “It doesn’t help that neither of the major candidates on our local ticket have done very much to inspire or engage them to get out and vote.”

He adds: “And one need only glance at the national headlines in the news today to see that there are many issues that demand that the voices of young voters be heard.”

To get a free taco, eligible voters need only take a photo of themselves outside of the polling place of their choice, create a post on social media encouraging other people to vote and then show up to Geeksboro Battle Pub between 11 a.m. and 10 p.m. on Tuesday, November 6. Battle Pub will give a free taco to the first 200 people who participate in this promotion.

As for voters 30 and up who want to participate, Battle Pub says that while they are unable to get free tacos for voting, they can participate by donating to the campaign, which would allow them to provide free tacos to more than 200 voters. Donors who give $5 or more will receive a free taco as well.

“As a person who is 38 years old, I totally understand the feeling that people over 30 would also love to get a free taco,” Scott says. “But due to my own budgetary limitations, I have set a very specific goal.”

To contribute to the Vote 4 Tacos campaign, click here.

Geeksboro Battle Pub is located on 2618 Lawndale Drive at the Kirkwood Commons plaza across the street from the Target shopping center.

For more information, email Joe Scott at

PRESS RELEASE: Geeksboro Battle Pub presents 'The Great Pumpkin' with Special Guests on October 28th

PRESS RELEASE: Geeksboro Battle Pub presents 'The Great Pumpkin' with Special Guests on October 28th

Greensboro, NC - After 62 years of waiting, will ‘Old Man’ Linus Van Pelt finally meet the legendary Great Pumpkin?

Find out the answer to this question LIVE when Geeksboro Battle Pub hosts their annual Halloween season screening of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” at 6 p.m. on Sunday, October 28th.

This screening of the beloved Halloween special will entertain both children as well as children at heart with free candy, bonus cartoon shorts, some free comics provided by Ssalefish Comics of Greensboro and most importantly, live appearances by Peanuts’ characters ‘Old Man Linus’ and (maybe) the Great Pumpkin.

“Linus has to be at least 70 years old at this point,” says Joe Scott, co-owner and creative director of Geeksboro Battle Pub. “He’s waited patiently, and then of course impatiently. So we think after 62 years, it’s finally time that he gets to meet the Great Pumpkin.”

In addition to hoping to meet the Great Pumpkin, Linus will be available to meet and greet children, sign autographs, and pose for selfies with fans of Charles Schultz’ Peanuts comic strip series.

This will be Old Man Linus’ third consecutive live appearance at Geeksboro as well as his 62nd failed attempt to finally meet the Great Pumpkin during the Halloween season.

For his part, the Great Pumpkin says the inability to meet Linus was the result of ‘many, many, many scheduling conflicts,’ which he hopes to resolve this year. Through his representatives, the Great Pumpkin promises that if he is able to attend the screening, he will bring candy for everyone who is ‘sincere’ and believe in his power and sovereignty over the Halloween season.

Tickets for “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” are only $4 each, and can be purchased online by clicking here.

Y'all Will Always Mean All

Y'all Will Always Mean All

We get a lot of reviews on a lot of different platforms -- Facebook, Twitter, Tripadvisor, Google, and of course, Yelp. A lot of these reviews say positive things, and we are always grateful to the folks who hit us with kudos.

Of course, it’s only natural that some of these reviews run on the opposite side of the continuum.

Some folks get mad that we don’t offer the entirety of our services free of charge. We’ve taken some heat for enforcing a 21 & up policy in our bar area after 9 p.m. We’ve had people slam us because some of our team members have facial piercings and tattoos. We even had one person complain that our team didn’t have enough facial piercings and tattoos.

And while it might seem strange to say this, we are grateful for all of these negative reviews. Even the ones that were clearly written by trolls. These less than positive notices often contain valuable feedback.

Sure, there are times when our policies are immovable for a variety of reasons.

But there are many times when feedback makes us aware of a problem or issue that we were not aware of beforehand.

Take this review from “Ashley H.” that we saw on Yelp:

“I was greatly disappointed to see that the place that before claimed equality and said they'd never yield to the HB2 bathroom law by having gender neutral bathrooms now has specific gender-binary bathrooms; giving in to inequality towards the LGBT community. I definitely will not go there again, as many other places have non-gender bathrooms and support our community. I hope others support  LGBT and non-binary facilities.”

As a straight, white, cis male, it’s easy to be blinded to the emotional, personal, and legal challenges that my LGBTQ friends and neighbors must navigate by the simple virtue of being alive in the American south, circa 2018.

And here’s the truth of it, while our last location had many issues -- zero parkability, a leaky roof, sagging floors, and a half-dead air conditioning system to name a few -- one of the few positives it presented for us was its four gender neutral single use bathrooms. When our state was upturned by the hateful, wholly disingenuous HB2 ‘Bathroom Bill supported by NC Senators and Representatives and at least one Greensboro business developer, those single use bathrooms were a physical, clear cut way for our business to state that we stand with our LGBTQ North Carolinians.

 A Facebook post we made about our former location.

A Facebook post we made about our former location.

When we moved into this new building we now occupy, there were many repairs, changes, and upfits that we had to navigate. And converting the pre-existing shared use bathrooms that were in our building proved to be too expensive for our meager budget.

By default, I think a lot of people automatically consider all businesses as large budgeted organizations with the funds needed to instantaneously execute the full extent of their owners’ dreams. I certainly believe that our robust marketing definitely propagates this idea at times. However, the reality is that Geeksboro Battle Pub is very much a small company. We scrape hard to survive. We are really only able to accomplish a lot of the seemingly fantastic things we do by working pretty much non-stop months before we opened our doors.

But no matter how hard I work, I could not personally build or install a single use bathroom in our building if I tried. Alas, I’m an English major who dabbled in carpentry during the summer jobs I had as a teen.

As a result, the single-use bathrooms of our dreams are currently on our ‘to build’ agenda -- something I will pay to install as soon as we are in a position where we can afford them. It’s not ideal. I can make no promises or projections at this point as to when that will happen. What I can say is that it is a priority. I say this in large part because the feeling of comfort and safety of my LGBTQ friends and neighbors is important to me.

So with that at the front of my heart and mind on the eve of our city’s newly rescheduled Greensboro Pride weekend, I want to make it clear that Geeksboro Battle Pub is a safe space for all people. In that spirit, I want all of our trans and gender non-binary customers to know they are supported and free to use the bathroom they feel would be most comfortable to them.

From one location to the next, there have been and will continue to be a lot of changes as Battle Pub grows into our evolving idea of what it should be. In the meantime, one thing that will never change is our fundamental, inclusive belief that everyone is welcome so long as they are respectful and do not make others feel unwelcome.

In other words, ‘Y’ALL will ALWAYS mean ALL, folks.’ There’s not a better, more North Carolinian way to say it than that.

What We Found After the Storm


With Social Media clogging our global consciousness, it’s easy to not see the people who are right in front of us on a daily basis. It’s also too easy not to care about them, and perhaps worst of all, it’s too easy to reduce their humanity to the ideas or beliefs that they have.

Take my own neighbor, for instance. I’ve lived beside him for nearly a year. In that time, I could not tell you his name, what he did for a living, or even what he looked like. In fact, I spent a good amount of time thinking that a friend of his who visited his home often was my neighbor.

Then we were hit by catastrophe.

Like many central North Carolinians in the fall of 2018, I worried and prepped hard for Hurricane Florence, only to be caught completely off guard by Hurricane Michael. Trees were knocked down. Many of us were left without power, cable, or internet.

That was the least of it. Those who were less fortunate had their homes destroyed.

My neighbor was one of those people. A large tree came down and nearly pancaked one half of his home. I had no idea as to the extent of the damages until the next morning. In the daylight, I saw a home so transformed by this natural disaster that TV and print journalists used photos of it as a visual reference point in several stories about the severity of the damages caused by the hurricane.

That’s when I finally saw my neighbor. I walked up and introduced myself to him for the very first time. He looked about as good as any person could look after spending the entire night grappling with the realities of finding half of their home was completely demolished by a hurricane. His eyes were wet -- maybe from the lack of sleep, or just the sadness of losing so much. We shook hands.

In that moment, I finally learned his name. Discovered that he worked as an EMS driver for a living. Then I did what many southerners do when they see a neighbor grappling with a tragic life event: I offered him food. He took me up on that offer. Meeting me at the Battle Pub, I learned more ways that we as human beings had things in common -- we both worked in and around the film industry at one point in our lives -- and then he set back to work on the considerable challenge of putting his life back together.

And that’s when it hit me, he wasn’t the only one. I was without power, but fortunately, my restaurant had been spared. I immediately began to invite all of my neighbors to the Battle Pub to charge their phones, and to get some work done in our event space if they needed it. I even opened up our company’s secured wifi code and shared it to folks who needed to access the internet. In those moments, I had more opportunities to talk with these people. To learn about their lives. To understand the challenges they had to navigate through because of the storm.

I am definitely not glad that our city was hit so hard by Hurricane Michael, but I appreciate the brief opportunity it gave me to meet so many of the people who live around me. So, my neighbors and friends, here is my challenge to you. Maybe you’ve already met me at my business, or perhaps our interactions have been purely driven by social media. If you see me out in the world, say hello. Introduce yourself to me, and if neither of us are too busy, share something real about your life.

For the truth of it is, while social media fills our digital space with ‘friends,’ ‘followers,’ and ‘likes,’ without electricity or the internet, all of that disappears. And what we have left are the people who are around us in our actual lives, who can be way too easy to ignore if we allow ourselves to be distracted.

Women to the Front!

Women to the Front!

Jodie Whittaker will play the 13th Doctor, the first female lead in Doctor Who since the show began in 1963. The series will premiere at Geeksboro at 1:45 p.m. Sunday, October 7th.


Being a locally owned and operated business, Geeksboro Battle Pub feels a deep level of responsibility towards the Greensboro community. It is for that reason that we recently cancelled a live appearance event featuring one of the stars of the cult TV series "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" scheduled to occur in our event space on Tuesday, September 25th. 

We had booked this event through a third party late Thursday afternoon, and truth be told, while many people hold this against me, I am not a fan of Buffy. And it's because of this that I honestly failed to fully vet the actor involved in this appearance, and was wholly unaware of that in 2017, he pleaded guilty to domestic violence. We want to thank the customers who reached out to us directly to make us aware of this issue, and who also shared their own horror stories involving personal interactions with this performer at conventions, fan events, and general meet and greets which occurred throughout the country. As many people noted, this is not in tune with our values.

For the Buffy fans out there who were excited about this event, we apologize for the disappointment you must feel. We hope to one day be able to host an event that will properly and fully contextualize the fandom of this series even if it is not a fandom that I enjoy myself. We also understand that despite similar community warnings, the event has been rescheduled to occur at a Raleigh-owned Bar and Arcade located in Downtown Greensboro.

Domestic Violence is a serious issue which affects women, men, and children. That is why on Tuesday, September 25 (the date the original event was supposed to take place), we will donate 5% of all sales to Clara House Shelter, a local resource devoted to helping victims of domestic violence in Greensboro, NC.

Joe Scott,
Co-Owner/Creative Director
Geeksboro Battle Pub

Lawnchair Drive-In 2018 Fall Lineup Revealed


Light up the night this fall with seven great movies, which we will be playing UNDER THE STARS as part of our Lawnchair Drive-In! Tickets are $2 each. Geeksboro is located on 2618 Lawndale Drive in Greensboro, across the street from the Target Shopping Center and behind Miller Vision.

Bring your own Lawnchair, or rent one from us. NOTE: Pets, coolers, and outside beverages are not allowed at these events.


8 p.m. Saturday, August 25 - "Mad Max: Fury Road" (2015, dir. George Miller) - A high octane instant classic of post apocalyptic beauty and insanity, George Miller’s fourth film in his Mad Max series follows the titular silent hero (played by Tom Hardy) as he encounters a group of fearless women who challenge the patriarchy of an evil warlord via a non-stop car chase in a barren wasteland.


8 p.m. Saturday, September 8 - "The Big Lebowski" (1988, dir. Joel & Ethan Coen) - The Coen Brothers might have won the Oscar for "No Country for Old Men," but their most unique crime film by far is this comedy classic from 1998. Jeff Bridges plays Jeff 'The Dude' Lebowski, a hapless stoner and bowling aficionado whose life of perpetual ease is disrupted when two goons mistake him for a wealthy man of the same name and urinate on his beloved rug. This 20th Anniversary Screening will include a cosplay contest and, of course, White Russians.

Fantastic Mr Fox 3.jpg

8 p.m. Saturday, September 15 - "Fantastic Mr. Fox" (2009, dir. Wes Anderson) - This beautiful stop-motion animated feature film from Wes Anderson is the perfect movie to kick off the Autumn season. Based on Roald Dahl's beloved children's novel, when the sly Mr. Fox steals the chickens, crops, and hard cider of dastardly brothers Boggis, Bunce, and Bean, he finds himself trapped in a duel of wits that puts him, his family, and the rest of the animals in his neighborhood in grave danger. Featuring the voices of George Clooney and Meryl Streep as well as frequent Anderson collaborators Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, and Jason Schwartzman.


8 p.m. Saturday, September 22 - "Beetlejuice" (1988, dir. Tim Burton) - Alec Baldwin and Gena Davis play a recently deceased couple who enlist the help of the titular evil spirit - played brilliantly by Michael Keaton - to scare some pesky humans from their home. Part one of our double header tribute to Tim Burton.

jack-and-sally 2.jpg

8 p.m. Saturday, September 29 - "The Nighmare Before Christmas" (1993, dir. Henry Selick) - Based on a story written and illustrated by Tim Burton, this stop-motion musical follows "The Pumpkin King" Jack Skellington as he grows tired of ruling Halloween and opts to hijack Christmas within the same year. Of course, chaos ensues. Featuring a brilliant soundtrack by Danny Elfman.


8 p.m. Saturday, October 6 - "Halloween" (1978, dir. John Carpenter) - To prep for UNCSA School of Filmmaking alumni David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's much anticipated reboot, we are proud to host a special screening of John Carpenter's original 1978 masterpiece. This brooding, atmospheric slasher follows a young Jamie Lee Curtis as she must survive the gruesome Halloween night that a masked killer escapes from a mental hospital.


8 p.m. Saturday, October 13 - "Hocus Pocus" (1993, dir. Kenny Ortega) - We will end our 2018 Lawnchair Drive-In series by presenting a Geeksboro tradition at our new location! Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy play a trio of sister witches who are resurrected in modern-day Salem, Massachusetts and must be stopped by a group of teens and a magical cat.

A New Co-Owner Takes Control of Geeksboro


A new co-owner will be taking control of Geeksboro's bar as the company rebrands and expands its operations at its new location on 2618 Lawndale Drive at Kirkwood Commons.

Greensboro native Stephen Maloy will utilize his 12 years of work in the food and beverage industry as he helps co-owner and founder Joe Scott lead the company in a new direction.


A graduate of Northwest Guilford High School, Maloy attended UNCG, where he first met Scott, who was his RA.


“A lot of the events and programming that we do at Geeksboro derrived from the events and programming I hosted while working as an RA,” Scott says. “When I first met Stephen, I thought he was a bit of a troublemaker -- albeit in a good way -- with a strong curiosity for culture, art and ideas.”


During college, Maloy got the opportunity to study abroad, living in Manchester, England for nearly two years, where he worked in a bar and hosted a weekly pub quiz that focused on TV, movies and music.

Upon returning to the United States, Maloy worked at the former Greensboro location of Wolfgang Puck, where he started as server and moved quickly to bartender and keyholder until Wolfgang’s brother, Klaus Puck, promoted him to an Assistant General Manager position at their Charlotte restaurant.

Maloy views his chance to return to his hometown and take Geeksboro -- renamed Geeksboro Battle Pub -- in a new direction as a chance to work on things he is passionate about.

“The retooling and Geeksboro gives me the opportunity to take all that I have learned and combine it with what I love in life -- movies, TV and gaming,” Maloy says. “I’m excited about getting started and working to make the new Geeksboro a fun and inviting restaurant and workplace.”

A fan of David Lynch, “Game of Thrones,” “Rick and Morty,” “The Twilight Zone” and ‘90s-era episodes of “The Simpsons,” Maloy is also a fan of Iced Coffee, craft beer and signature cocktail drinks, which he hopes will delight both the stalwarts and the newcomers of Geeksboro’s ever-growing community of fans.

"I love a peaty Scotch and a smooth Bourbon, but I really want Greensboro to start drinking Mezcal,” Maloy says. “Looking to grind my hunter class on ‘Destiny’ and meet fellow diehards of the ‘Fallout’ and ‘Bioshock’ series as well.

Maloy and Scott are planning a soft opening for Geeksboro Battle Pub on early July, with a Grand Opening date tentatively scheduled for July 20th. Geeksboro is also hiring employees to work both Front of House and Back of House. For more information, email Maloy at

For more information, visit Geeksboro’s website at or

Geeksboro set to Expand its Vision and Services at New Location

GKSO Battle Pub.jpg

This summer, Geeksboro will move to a new location at 2618 Lawndale Drive in the Kirkwood Commons shopping center across from both Target and Harris Teeter.

After operating within its current location for nearly six years, the beloved company and community staple will make a transition both in location and in spirit to become Geeksboro Battle Pub -- a video game sports bar that will continue to offer coffee, beer, wine, milkshakes, smoothies, and custom made sodas along with cocktails and a full service kitchen that will serve breakfast and pub food daily for both omnivores and vegans alike.

The new move gives Geeksboro founder Joe Scott the opportunity to collaborate with many of his colleagues who operate locally owned businesses in Greensboro.

Nick Benshoff of Bandito Bodega (1609 W. Friendly Ave)  will collaborate with Scott to create an exciting, flavorful menu of innovative pub food.

Daniel McMillan of Lost Ark Video Games (1701 Spring Garden St. A) will curate a mini museum of fan favorite vintage pinball machines and arcade cabinets that will be available to the public.

And Stephen Mayer of Ssalefish Comics Greensboro (1622 Stanley Rd. Suite 118) will stock a spinner rack of brand new comic books so that patrons can sample new and widely different stories for free while enjoying delicious food and beverages.

“It was always my intention to expand into food service, but the cost of adding a commercial kitchen to my current space combined with an increasingly dire parking situation made moving to this new location the clear choice for me in terms of moving Geeksboro and its vision forward,” Scott says.

He adds: “And while moving can certainly be a challenge, the opportunity to take aspects of so many of my favorite local businesses makes this move all the more exciting.”

Less than a mile from its original spot, the new, larger facility will enable the slightly rebranded Geeksboro Battle Pub to both enhance and expand its creative vision of inclusive, community engagement by continuing to offer patrons a place to play video games and trivia and watch cult classic films and TV series as a community of fans.

Additionally, the new digs will house The Kaiju Complex, a large 200 person event center and auditorium space that will serve as the venue for weekly live comedy shows by The Idiot Box as well as regional eSports video game tournaments, live music shows, themed cosplay parties, massive board game nights as well as big-screen presentation of major sporting events like the Fifa World Cup. The space will also be available to rent for private, corporate, and ticketed events including weddings, concerts, recitals, fashion shows and more.

“As a longtime event promoter, I can tell you that finding affordable venues in this town has always been a challenge,” Scott says. “That’s something I aim to alleviate immediately.”

But most importantly, with a large, widely available parking lot surrounding its campus, Geeksboro will be able to resurrect its once beloved Lawnchair Drive-In series of outdoor film screenings on Saturday nights. Scott believes the return of the outdoor film series will be a great way to engage the many families who live nearby in the closely knit Kirkwood Neighborhood.

Geeksboro will continue to operate out of its current location on 2134 Lawndale Drive until it completes its move, which is scheduled for late May or early June.