Geeksboro Anime Club invites you to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of one of the most incredible Anime cult classics of all time: Revolutionary Girl Utena! From director Kunihiko Ikuhara (Sailor Moon and Mawaru Penguindrum) and writer Yoji Inokido (EvangelionFLCLOuran Highschool Host Clubl) comes this visually striking epic about an unconventional magical girl, Utena Tenjou, and her incredible journey, challenging both tough foes and conventional gender roles. 


This special screening is brought to you by Right Stuf Anime and Nozomi Entertainment

After meeting a traveling prince who consoled her after the deaths of her parents, Utena Tenjou vowed to become a prince herself. The prince left Utena only with a ring bearing a strange rose crest and a promise that she would meet him again some day.

A few years later, Utena attends Ootori Academy, where she is drawn into a dangerous game. Duelists with rings matching Utena's own compete for a unique prize: the Rose Bride, Anthy Himemiya, and her mysterious powers