The most contested nerd rivalry will be settled once and for all by the gorgeous ladies of GRAWL on Saturday, February 4th at Geeksboro Coffee and Beverage Company. 

Witness eight dynamic characters arm-wrestle their way to the top as they duke out space fandom domination! 

Han Yolo, Chewbeckie, Princess Slaya, Boba Fettish and Ewokie Queen will try to best Captain Painway, Beverly Crush-HER, and Vulcan Princess K'Pau in the Battle of the Stars. Doors open at 8 PM, the event starts at 9 PM, and general admission is $6. 

Sweet, sweet Star Wars and Star Trek raffle prizes and topnotch local celebrity guest judges will round out this not-to-be-missed evening. All proceeds from the event will benefit My Sister Susan's House (MSSH), a transitional living facility for homeless young mothers.