There was once a time when people who loved things like fan-favorite TV shows, science fiction, fantasy, Doctor Who, anime, illustration, Dungeons & Dragons, Pokemon, board games, comic books, or even Star Wars had to enjoy those passions alone, completely isolated from anyone else in the physical world. But now there is Geeksboro, a locally owned coffee shop and event space that allows geeks and nerds to share the things they love with a COMMUNITY OF FANS!


Aside from serving up delicious espresso drinks, snacks, ice cream, craft beer, sodas, wine, milkshakes, and pastries, Geeksboro devotes each and every day to hosting a wide variety of events and programming. From large events like cosplay contests, Super Smash Bros. tournaments, ladies arm-wrestling, and even an annual Harry Potter Yule Ball to weekly programming devoted to Pokemon, craft making, board game nights, trivia, as well as screenings of hit TV series like “The Walking Dead,” “Game of Thrones,” “American Horror Story,” and “Twin Peaks.” 


Geeksboro hosts all of these events, meetups, and more in an inclusive, brightly-lit, friendly environment that is centered upon the following ethos -- ‘You belong here.’


And now Geeksboro has recently partnered with Greensboro’s beloved comedy club The Idiot Box to provide a venue for their weekly standup and improv comedy performances, featuring an incredible roster of local and regionally touring performers! In short, our goal is to always cultivate an amazing hub of play and purpose for all people to enjoy!


GEEKSBORO is Located on 2134 Lawndale Drive in Greensboro!